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MorningDrive.com is the first site ever dedicated to sharing the worlds thoughts as we drive to work in the morning.  I don't care if you take the bus, take a cab, take the train, take the boat, take the ferry, fly, ride a motorcycle, or ride a bike, I want to know what you were thinking during your Morning Drive today or yesterday or the day before.

Share your photos of crazy scenes...  I will never forget the first time I saw someone eating a bowl of cereal and reading the newspaper while they drove to work.  I have seen smokers eat donuts, smoke their cigarette, and drive a stick shift.  That is true multi-tasking.  We can all go on and on about women putting on their makeup.

These stories are easy.  We all have them...  Tell us your favorite Morning Drive story....


8 Responses to About Us

  1. Jay Morris says:

    I have a real interesting question..........Why is Sean Ohair shown on so many commercials for Taylor-Made when he is ranked #165 in the World Rankings and #181 on Overall Putting and has not broken the 100 mark in either catagory in a long long time. They always talk about Ohair's upbringing and the fact that everyone feels so sorry for him...I'm getting tired of this. He's 30 years old and chose to have a house full of kids in less than 6 years. He does not play in the off season. He's a grown man and should be held responsible for his own actions. There are many many more competent players on Tour that should get the attention at least on these commercials...what's the deal? Ohair has turned into a hack in my opinion.

    Mr. Tired of Poor Ohair

  2. Steve Martz says:

    Can you refrain from giving the final result of a tournament before the tournament has been broadcast on tv? ie the last two lpga events played oversees.
    Thank you,Steve

  3. Al pethers says:

    I think Rory was playing bad a week ago, because his girlfriend broke up with him then, nobody mentioned this, but I think it had an effect on him.

  4. Rhonda Holland says:

    Let's begin to pay some attention to the cheaters who use the "Belly" putters. It should never have been permitted That being the case, Casey Martin should have been allowed
    to play. Fair is fair, or is it. Why was the Belly Putter
    put into play other than to give the bad putters an advantage. Now, in 2014, when it will be officially recog-
    nized, what will happen to Adam Scott, Ian Woosnam, Matt
    Kuchur, I can"t remember ALL of them however, we will lose
    a considerable number of good gulfers. Then, Randal Chablis, Jim Nantz and all the others who thought Tiger
    should have withdrawn. I am not saying that he should not
    have only because you people put another blight on his
    character. How easy it was for you all to believe that a 2
    stroke penalty was not sufficient. I won't be redundant as ALL of you were. I expect you ALL to step up when the Belly Putter is abolished. Open the dialogue NOW!!!
    Rhonda Holland

  5. CWO Donald Shelton says:

    Adam Scott won the Masters, but with a Pacifier, a long putter, is he the first, and will this continue? The new media constantly subjects players like Rory and Tiger to extreme tests, why does it not place a little direction to the real game of golf. The shortest club in the bag is the putter. The outrage of DQ'ing Tiger is just the same as allowing the NRA to dictate to Senators and Congressmen it they voted against gun control.

  6. Don Rice says:

    I want you, the Masters ,and the PGA to know that I, as protest of one, maybe a lot more will never watch another tourmnent in which Tiger Woods, the cheat, plays. Are you guys trying to tell the American golfers that Tiger Woods(who won 77 tourments and 14 majors didn't know where he was supposed to drop the ball??? That doesn't pass the smell test. I will also never buy another product he sponsors. Arnald Palmer discribes intergity as doing the right thing even when know one is watching. Tiger did not do that. He should DQ himself and return the money he stold from his fellow golfers.

  7. James Bell says:

    On your 05-15-2013 show, you had a section that focused on the second hole controversy that erupted involving Sergio and Tiger. This section of the show was hosted by Rex Hoggart(?) and Kelly Tigleman(?). (Please forgive me if I have spelled their names incorrectly.) The section seemed to discuss the controversy in an objective manner. Rex should be applauded for the work that he devoted to this story. However, there was one statement that confused me.

    At the conclusion of the discussion, Rex stated that Tiger could have defused the entire situation if he had merely gone into the fairway after both players had hit their shots, and simply apologized to Sergio for causing what Sergio claims was a distraction, caused by Tiger, that resulted in Sergio hitting a poor shot. There's simply one problem with this conclusion.

    My recollection of the post-round interview with Tiger indicated to me that Tiger was totally unaware of the claim made by Sergio until AFTER the round was concluded and he was informed of said brewing controversy by the reporters that were conducting the interview. By suggesting that Tiger could have simply apologized then and there (on the second hole) and all would have been well ignores the fact that Tiger didn't know, at any point during the round, of Sergio's claim. It seems to me that this suggestion, while sounding reasonable and simple, casts an unfair shadow over Tiger's every move, again. The viewers of that on-air piece with Kelly and Rex were given an impression that placed Tiger in the role of either being inconsiderate of his competitors or unfriendly, stubborn or ungentlemanly towards Sergio.

    Guys, he didn't know what had happened or what claims Sergio was making until after the round was over. How could he and for what should he have apologized at that point? Be fair. I mean, really?

  8. Bob Miller says:

    It's difficult to understand why Sergio should be publically disgraced and repeatedly called upon to apologize for his admittedly stupid remark that linked Tiger Woods and Fried Chicken. The apology press conference looked more like a Spanish Inquisition. Stupid is Stupid and being a horse's ass at a social dinner populated by golf professionals peers and golf officials is by itself humiliating, long term. Whether or not Sergio and Tiger ever agree to be adults, this episode will stay with Sergio, perhaps for years. Isn't that enough? Oh, no. Now we can look forward to days and days of commentary by Morning Drive experts who have too many hours to fill about almost nothing. Long putters, Sergio's Flap, Tiger's relentless stance to not give an inch of forgiveness. Almost as bad as our current politics.

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